contact details

Consulting Tel: 021-51619110

Fax: 021-551687550

Phone: 18017116690

Investment agent: 021-31009700

Enterprise mailbox: 2759731931@qq.com

Engineering Project: 18017746810

Technical support: 021-31009700

After-sales service: 15300506632

Working hours: Monday to Saturday: 8: 00-18: 00

Sunday: 9: 00-18.00

Remittance information

Company Name: Rong Valve Fluid Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Tax ID: 91310113MA1GMGQJ88

Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huinan Branch

Account: 03895800040086544

Billing address and telephone: Room B1142, Building 2, No. 1800 Baoyang Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai